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Annual Financial Disclosure Availability Statement

The annual disclosure statement may be obtained from Somerset Trust Company by mailing a request to:
Somerset Trust Company 
151 West Main Street
Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501

Attn: Michael Whipkey, Compliance Officer.

You may also contact him at 814-443-9381 or 1-800-972-1651.

The first copy of the annual disclosure statement will be provided to the requester free of charge.


Under the federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) evaluates our record of helping to meet the credit needs of this community consistent with safe and sound operations. The FDIC also takes this record into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us.
You are entitled to certain information about our operations and our performance under the CRA. You may review today the public section of our most recent CRA evaluation, prepared by the FDIC, and a list of services provided at this branch. You may also have access to the following additional information, which we will make available to you at this branch within five calendar days after you make a request to us: (1) a map showing the assessment area containing this branch, which is the area in which the FDIC evaluates our CRA performance in this community; (2) information about our branches in this assessment area; (3) a list of services we provide at those locations; (4) data on our lending performance in this assessment area; and (5) copies of all written comments received by us that specifically relate to our CRA performance in this assessment area, and any responses we have made to those comments. If we are operating under an approved strategic plan, you may also have access to a copy of the plan. [If you would like to review information about our CRA performance in other communities served by us, the public file for our entire bank is available at Somerset Trust Company, located at 151 West Main Street, Somerset, Pa. 15501.

At least 30 days before the beginning of each quarter, the FDIC publishes a nationwide list of the banks that are scheduled for CRA examination in that quarter. This list is available from the Regional Manager, Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection (DSC), FDIC, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1200, New York, N.Y. 10118. You may send written comments about our performance in helping to meet community credit needs to Michael Whipkey, Compliance Officer, Somerset Trust Company, 151 West Main Street, Somerset, Pa. 15501 and the FDIC Regional Manager. Your letter, together with any response by us, will be considered by the FDIC in evaluating our CRA performance and may be made public.

You may ask to look at any comments received by the FDIC Regional Manager. You may also request from the FDIC Regional Manager an announcement of our applications covered by the CRA filed with the FDIC. We are an affiliate of Somerset Trust Holding Company, a bank holding company. You may request from the Officer in Charge of Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, P.O. Box 6387, Cleveland, Ohio 44101, an announcement of applications covered by the CRA filed by bank holding companies.

Somerset Trust Company, DO NOT CALL Policy

Somerset Trust Company is committed to honoring the requests of its current and prospective customers. In support of this commitment and pursuant to regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) Somerset Trust Company’s Board of Directors has adopted the following policy:
Somerset Trust Company maintains a record of the name and contact telephone number for consumers who do not wish to be called. If you do not wish to receive sales calls from Somerset Trust Company, you can ask us to place your telephone number on our “Do Not Call” list. In compliance with federal and state laws, we will document your request immediately.
Your request can be in writing or by phone, and must include at a minimum, your telephone number and name.
If you have multiple phone numbers, tell us all numbers that you want included.
Any e-mail communication to you confirming receipt of your “do-not-call” request will not be deemed to have violated this policy.
Our do-not-call records are maintained for at least five (5) years, so those consumers will not be burdened with periodic calls to renew a “do-not-call” request.
When we solicit prospective customers, we also honor “Do Not Call” requests on behalf of consumers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the Federal Trade Commission and various state-agency lists. Many states “Do Not Call” regulations permit companies to contact their own customers even though they are on these “Do Not Call” Lists. Therefore, if you are a customer, you may be contacted by us even though you are on the state or the national “do not call” list. If you do not want to be contacted by Somerset Trust Company even though you are a customer, simply follow the steps above to be placed on the Somerset Trust Company “Do Not Call” List and your request will be honored.
Being on the Somerset Trust Company “Do Not Call” list means that you won’t receive any sales calls by anybody representing Somerset Trust Company. We may still contact you, however, for non-solicitation purposes. This would include things like surveys, billing and other service-related matters.
Any personnel involved with telemarketing and/or telephone solicitation with the bank are trained, informed and directed to comply with the Bank’s “do-not-call” policy.
Consumers must inform the Bank of any changes in name or phone number if they move or wish to place a new telephone number on the Bank’s “do-not-call” policy.
This policy does not cover independent third parties, who may, on their own initiative conduct telemarketing and/or telephone solicitation to solicit consumers for Bank’s products or services.
If a consumer requests a copy of our “Do Not Call” Policy, we will send a copy via U.S. Mail or electronic mail. The “Do Not Call” policy is also posted on the Bank’s website at
The bank intends to comply with all federal and state “do-not-call” laws and regulations. If you have any questions or comments regarding the bank’s policy, you may also contact us at:
Somerset Trust Company
151 West Main Street
Somerset, PA, 15501


Somerset Trust Company

Funds Availability Policy

Description of Deposit
When funds can be withdrawn
by cash or check
Direct Deposit
The day we receive the deposit.
Cash, wire transfers, cashier's, certified, teller's or government checks, checks on Somerset Trust Company and local checks
The first business day after the deposit.



Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Notice

The HMDA data about our residential mortgage lending are available online for review. The data show geographic distribution of loans and applications; ethnicity, race, sex, age, and income of applicants and borrowers; and information about loan approvals and denials.

HMDA data for many other financial institutions are also available online. For more information, visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Web site (

Information for Procedures About Opening a New Account 

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money-laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account.
What does this mean to you?
When you open an account, we will ask for the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Other information that will allow us to identify you.
We may also ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents.